Other Projects


1:12 scale Art Deco dollshouse

Completed in 2015, the dollshouse was built from mostly salvaged materials including shelving and packing material, reclaimed rimu wood, acrylic glass off-cuts, beads, and a sandstone brick.
The wallpaper and stained-glass patterns were designed digitally and printed, and the lights are 12V LEDs. Magnets embedded in the walls allow for placement and removal of pictures.
The dollshouse was exhibited at MTG Hawke’s Bay, Ahuriri/Napier, Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2016-17.

More images of the dollshouse can be seen here.

Donation Box

Interactive donation box

The donation box is modelled on The Meteor Theatre’s historic building in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton, Aotearoa/New Zealand. A switch panel allows users to change and mix the coloured lights focused on the collection bowl. Moving “disco lights” project onto the windows.
The donation box was built in 2019 for the 5th anniversary of the One Victoria Trust taking over the theatre’s building.

Projector Cabinet

Portable self-contained projected-video display cabinet

The cabinet contains a short-throw video projector, a digital video player (with space for other players or computers depending on use), an audio amplifier, and speakers.
The two speakers are configurable for different installation scenarios - one points up for localised audio, while the other points out (away from the projected image) for seated-audience settings.
Adjustable feet allow for levelling of the projected image.