2015 | 04:00 | HD Video | 16:9 | Stereo | Director: Dan Inglis | Music: Jeremy Mayall | Soprano: Julia Booth

An experimental digital collage film exploring ideas of communication and comprehension.
Based around text from a nineteenth century elocution manual by A. M. Bell. With music by Jeremy Mayall and soprano Julia Booth.


2018Misty Flicks - Short Film ShowcaseLido CinemaHamilton, New Zealand
2017Shibby Pictures & Whitney Flynn TourCreative WaikatoHamilton, New Zealand
2017UNKNOWN TELEVISIONFeatured online February 2017www.northportlandunknown.com/unknown-television
2016DELETE TV - International video art and experimental films eventLondon, United Kingdom
2016ArtzElectroThe University of WaikatoHamilton, New Zealand
2016BYOB HAMILTONHamilton, New Zealand
2016Conversations / A Short Film EveningHamilton, New Zealand
201615th National Conference for Community Languages and ESOLWintecHamilton, New Zealand
20164th Annual Wellington Underground Film FestivalWellington, New Zealand
2016"DELETE TV"Episode 6, Season 2Broadcast in Europe, the United States, and Australia
2015653 Days Dunedin, New Zealand
2015[still moments]Dunedin Public Art GalleryDunedin, New Zealand