Video Art

Video Components of Super-Taster

2018 | Various | Projected Video with Audio | Video: Dan Inglis | Audio: Jeremy Mayall | Featuring: Karen Elliot, Hilary Halba, Huberta Hellendoorn, Sofia Kalogeropoulou, Simon O’Connor, Martyn Roberts, and Stuart Young

The projected video components of ‘Super-Taster’, an interdisciplinary multi-media project developed by the University of Otago Research Grant-funded Performance Research Laboratory.
The work was presented at the ‘Super-Taster: Verbatim Theatre and Food’ workshop showing at Allen Hall Theatre, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand in March 2018.
The presentation was comprised of seven pieces derived from verbatim theatre research from Professor Stuart Young and Associate Professor Hilary Halba, and featured, in various combinations, elements of music, film, and dance.

'Leftovers', a short film created for 'Super-Taster', can be seen here.


2017 | 45:00 | Projected Video with Live Music Performance | Video: Dan Inglis | Music: Jeremy Mayall | Pianist: Stephen De Pledge

A multi-media artwork incorporating live music, projected video, and soundscape, created by Jeremy Mayall and Dan Inglis.
The work is a suite of 29 individual but intertwined audio-visual vignettes using film footage appropriated from The British Council Film Collection of short documentaries, with music by Jeremy Mayall.
'Glimpse' touches on a diversity of themes such as industry and human progress; memory and nostalgia; and fear, self-doubt, and the promise of the future. But the work ultimately allows the audience to create its own connotations and meanings.
The piece was performed at the Arohanui Film Festival, Te Aroha, and the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts, Hamilton, New Zealand, in October 2017 with pianist Stephen De Pledge.

Moment of Inertia

2016 | Loop | Projected Video Triptych with Audio | Video: Dan Inglis | Music: Jeremy Mayall | Featuring: Scott Granville

A video installation consisting of looping images projected onto three wall-mounted cloth panels, accompanied by recorded music composed by Jeremy Mayall.
‘Moment of Inertia’ examines ideas of time and motion; eternity and cycles; travel; and predetermination.
The piece has been exhibited in the group exhibition LOCAL at the Wallace Gallery Morrinsville in 2016, at BYOB Hamilton 2016, and as part of the 2016 PLUNGE exhibition at Ramp Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand.

Video Component of Flutter

2014 | 15:25 | Projected Video | Circular Screen | Video: Dan Inglis

The projected video component of the site-specific performance piece 'Flutter' by Jeremy Mayall.
'Flutter', consisting of live and pre-recorded music, dance, lighting effects, and food, was performed in November 2014 in the Tropical Rainforest enclosure of the Otago Museum in Dunedin, New Zealand.

A video of the performance can be seen here.

Video Component of The Tempest

2013 | 06:57 | Projected Video with Audio | Circular Screen | Video: Dan Inglis | Audio: Lance Kingi | Featuring: Michaela Sheehan, Renee Casserly and Sandra Jensen

The projected video component of Slip of the Tongue's Summer Shakespeare stage production of 'The Tempest'.
The projected video comprised "the wedding masque" of Act IV, Scene I of the play. The play, directed by Katie Hansen, was performed in February 2013 at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival, Hamilton, New Zealand.

More images of the performance can be seen here.

Video Component of The Birth

2011 | 11:00 | Projected Video | 16:9 | Video: Dan Inglis

The projected video component of the multimedia performance 'The Birth' created by Jeremy Mayall for the 2011 University of Waikato Blues Awards presentation ceremony.
The performance, including music, dance, acrobatics, and pyrotechnics, was performed in September 2011 at the Academy of Performing Arts, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

A video of the performance can be seen here.